Tamper Evident Label Seals

Maintain integrity and prevent contamination. Acorn Print are the UK market leaders in packaging seal solutions, supplying tamper evident seal labels for packaged products used by many British high street chains. These seals are used to maintain the integrity of customer's products, preventing both pilfering and contamination of the contents of any package, which could be compromised without the application of one of our seals.

Functional and Aesthetic

Acorn Print manufacture millions of seals for our customers. The 'hot favourite' in terms of sales to our clients are definitely our 'dumbbell or 'dog bone' seals. Our customers tell us these are extremely useful for sealing packages with corners, boxes, jars and bottles with lids, packages with awkward lips or edges etc. and are commonly used for chocolate boxes, jewellery boxes and food packaging. These come in 3 sizes and should fulfill many of your packaging needs. These are usually manufactured using hard-wearing, clear 'invisible' vinyl material but can be produced in a number of colours to suit your product.

We also produce tamper seals in more regular shapes and sizes, the most popular of which are our 30mm diameter circular and our 15mm x 45mm rectangular seals. However, you can have almost any shape or size you would like.

Your seals can also have text or artwork printed on them if you require and can be produced so that they tear if any attempt is made to peel them off your product.

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Label Adhesives

All our seals and labels can be produced in either peelable, permanent or extra permanent adhesive to suit your packaging requirements. If it is important that your package is not damaged when the seal is removed i.e. gift boxes etc, or if you need your labels to have permanent adhesive, then Acorn Print has a solution for you.

Super Strength Dog Bone and Security Labels

Off the shelf options available or custom designed to meet your needs, including extra sticky labels.

Acorn Print Labels are one of the largest suppliers of such labels in Britain, supplying many companies who in turn supply to the major retailers in the UK and abroad.

Please do get in touch, we have a huge amount of experience in this product area.